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The Alpha's Warrior Princess

The Alpha's Warrior Princess



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The Alpha's Warrior Princess






The Alpha's Warrior Princess

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Completed... Under Editing... At seventeen years of age April Raine Storm was an honor student going into her senior year of high school and well on her way to living "the good life". She was an award-winning dancer, gymnast, and a world-renowned champion in the art of MMO fighting. What she wasn't was particularly popular. She was actually a quiet girl with a quick wit and a smarta** attitude who liked to read and mostly keep to herself. The reason for that was because she had a secret, one she has kept all her life. One that haunted her dreams and at times made her life a living h*ll. But all that would change when her parents decided to move her back to her Mom and Dad's hometown. There she would meet him. Alexander Maxim Moon. Alexander was the future Alpha of the Diamond Lake Pack in Wolf County, PA. A small town in upstate Pennsylvania where everyone pretty much knew everyone else. He was a good guy, a strong leader, well liked, and an honor student in school. His only issue was that he was, like many young Alpha's, a bit of a man-wh*re. So, when he agrees to help his Father with the move-in of his Father's best friend from childhood his world is turned upside-down when he finds the friend has a beautiful daughter he can't wait to hook-up with. Only she doesn't seem to be very impressed by him. At least at first. When the two do come together both their worlds come crashing down around them. It's up to them, their friends, and their families to put it all back together again. Can they? Will they? And if they do will anything be the same for either of them ever again? Come along with me on a fantasy filled with adventure, danger, intrigue, romance, fun, and... of course... love. Hi Readers! Dreame has a new promotion for writers called the Moon Ticket. It is how YOUR VOICE can be heard. You will see after chapters in a story where the writer will put in notes something like "Dear Readers, If you liked this episode please #vote# moon ticket." Clicking that hashtag will allow you to vote for your favorite stories. The more you vote the more Dreame pays attention and the writer will be rewarded. You'll see the hashtag in my messages as well but I encourage you to only vote on the stories, or for authors you absolutely love. It will boast that writers income and if they are putting up truly good stories they deserve that boast. Thank you for taking the time to read! I truly appreciate your support. Now go lose yourself in a good book! Even if it's not mine. Relax, and enjoy! ~Koeh ?? #DreameWritingMarathon-LoveStoryContest #DreameLoveStoryContest #SummerUpdateProgramme

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